Torah Shleimah Menachem Mendel Kasher תורה שלמה Asst Vol Chumash Scholarly Must

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Each volume has in the back what he called Miluim, which are very important treatises on different topics, presumably connected to the parsha of the respective volume.

The Yisro volume has what I see are his formulations regarding Shishim ribo and What constitutes a Rishus Harabbim, I am assuming that it at least has ramifications or sheds light on his controversial N.Y. Eiruv ruling contravening R' Moses Feinstein's ruling, & at the most is the full opinion, I'm not sure. Thank You תורה שלמה מנחם מנדל כשר

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They were printed in 2 sizes, one slightly smaller then the other, if you don't care you can mix and match.
Large Format:     Bereishis        Has liquid paper on blank area on one of the first pages.
                          2x Vayeishev/Mikeitz  One volume has liquid paper on blank areas meaning its not covering any printed wording on the        first                         6 pages in random spots.    
                          4x Vaeira    
                          Small Format:    
                          2x Chayei-Sarah/Toldos One volume has a couple owners stamps scribbled.        

Menachem Mendel Kasher (Hebrew: מנחם מנדל כשר‎‎; March 7, 1895 – November 3, 1983) was a Polish-born Israeli rabbi and prolific author who authored an encyclopedic work on the Torah entitled Torah Sheleimah.Kasher's major work, Torah Sheleimah ("The Complete Torah"), is divided into two parts. The first part is the encyclopedia, the first work to publish all of the Written Law (the Pentateuch) and the Oral Teachings (Talmud and Midrashim) side by side. Kasher published from manuscript form several previously unknown midrashic works such as the Midrash Teiman. The latter part consists of the extensive annotations and addendum in which he uses his awareness of variant texts as well as his almost encyclopedic knowledge in all Jewish works to clarify many obscure points in the Talmud and the Rambam's commentary.The first volume of Torah Sheleimah was published in Jerusalem in 1927 and included 352 entries to the first chapter of Bereishit. The 38th volume was still published in his lifetime (1983) and included Parshat Beha'alotcha.The 39th volume was published posthumously by his son-in-law Dr. Rabbi Aaron Greenbaum and includes a short biography. The 40th volume includes an expanded biography and full list of his works.To date, 45 volumes have been printed covering the first 4 chumashim (books of the Pentateuch).Early lifeKasher was born in 1895 in Warsaw, Poland (then part of the Russian Empire). His father was Rabbi Yitzhak Peretz. At the age of 19, he edited the periodical Degel Ha'Torah, the mouthpiece of the Polish branch of Agudath Israel.In 1924, in response to a call from the Ger Rebbe, Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter, Kasher moved to Jerusalem, in Mandate Palestine, to establish the Sfas Emes Yeshiva in honour of the Rebbe's father, Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter. He subsequently served as the rosh yeshiva of the yeshiva for its first two years. He later helped bring the Rebbe to Palestine about six months after the outbreak of World War II.Torah SheleimahOther activitiesHe was the driving force behind the 25-volume Torah journal "Noam", and wrote many of the articles. His son Moshe edited its 25 volumes which appeared between 1958 and 1984.Another work, Gemara Shelemah, which was to have discussed and compared variant texts of the Talmud, was never completed save for Tractate Pesachim.Halachic rulings    He permitted an eruv in Manhattan (contrary to the ruling of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein)    He formulated a halakhic stance on the International Dateline in Jewish law    He argued against the "Lieberman clause" as a solution to problem of agunahs    In response to the establishment of the State of Israel, he advocated the drinking a 5th cup at the Passover Seder. His request to the Chief Rabbinate that it be officially instituted was dismissed.Awards and honours    In 1963, Rabbi Kasher was awarded the Israel Prize in Rabbinical literature.    He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Yeshiva University.

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