About Us

The love of books is a passion of mine, reading the contents first and foremost but also the thrill of finding elusive vintage and collectible books in great condition. I specialize in cleaner, higher quality, good condition and out of print and at times rare books. Some of the books, especially the out of print sets are things in virtually the best condition you can possibly find. I NEVER deal with moldy or moist books and I generally don't deal with dirty, heavily spotted, aged or grubby books. I don't like it and I figured you don't either. If ever there was say a very rare book with any of these undesirable conditions, I will spell it out very clearly, and in great detail. I have a strong reputation of pleasantly surprising my customers as far as the quality received. 

Thank You & I will be happy to stay in touch with you if only for any questions or information you require.


Thank You.