The Talmud In English Seder Zeraim 11 Tractates Annotated w/Glossary & Index

  • $250.00

Description: Beautiful 2 Volume set of the Zeraim section of the Babylonian Jewish Talmud.
The first volume consist of the tractate Berachot which is so large due to the copious amount
of Talmud (500 A.D.) that was juxtaposed to the Mishnah. Volume 2 consists of 10 tractates of Mishna only (Tanaitic 2nd century A.D.)
because there was no Babylonian Talmud authored on those tractates. The people rendering it into English are Ph.D's

Condition: Beautiful condition, no writing or smear marks, crisp and clean pages and covers. Includes dust covers.

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