Nechama (Nehama) Leibowitz Chumash Iyunim Bamikra Pentateuch Bible Commentary

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Nice condition, almost like new. This is the 7 volume set with  bright paper. Very attractive volumes and nice covers.

This is Nechama Leibowitz's seven volume set of commentary for the Hebrew bible (Old Testament: Also indespensable for New Testament research and comparative religion studies, as this will elucidate the Rabbinic, Pharisaic or Masoretic exegesis and commentary. The contents include a wide range of the traditional commentators to the Torah as well as current research and reference to higher criticism with the addition of her own original and in depth, creative elucidation. This set contains the following seven books: Beresheit / Genesis, Shemot / Exodus (2), Vayikra / Leviticus, Bamidbar /  Numbers, Devarim / Deuteronomy. It is in English and useful for Bible studies.
Nechama Leibowitz has become widely recognized as one of the most influential Torah scholars of the 20th century. For thirty years, Nechama published gilyonot (study sheets) on the weekly Torah portion, which she distributed to students throughout the world. In these gilyonot, Nechama presented selections from the Torah text and accompanying commentaries along with probing questions designed to guide the readers through a textual analysis that would deepen their understanding of the passage. Over the years, literally thousands of individuals studied in Nechama's enlightening classes and used her gilyonot to guide their Torah study. Among these devoted students were a large number of teachers of Torah in both Israel and the Diaspora. Nechama was the teachers' teacher, and her insights on methodology have been utilized by educators throughout the world.
In her work on 'Shemot ' as with her work on all of the Chumash ( The Five Books of Moses) she provides a series of alternative readings to a number (not all) of the questions raised
by traditional Biblical commentators. She quotes some of their opinions, and she provides guiding questions for the reader. Her aim is not to provide the reader with fixed and definite final answers, to simply "supply knowledge" but rather to involve the reader in creative wrestling, struggling to understand the text. She wants the reader to be an active participant in striving to understand the meaning of the text. For many she has been the supreme teacher in inspiring to love of the Biblical text, and its reading and rereading.
עיונים במקרא נחמה ליבוביץ

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