Hebrew Jewish Aggadah Legends Of The Talmud Translated In English Glick En Jacob

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Explanation: If you are a scholar of religion or a casual student and you desire to know what the Jewish Talmud contains as far as its wisdom, sayings, history,religious outlook, stories, legends, and world view this is the set you need. This is not the entire Talmud in English as that would run many many more volumes and would also include the judicial or the intricate details of Jewish Law. This is the entire Talmud culled for its sociological and historical/cultural segments ie. the stories and interesting bible exegesis called the Aggadah of the Talmud. Originally, all this material was gathered from the Talmud by a Jewish author of the 15th century, Yaakov ibn Chaviv, in Hebrew/Aramaic which was the original language, and included his commentary called 'En Yaakov' or 'En Jacob' meaning 'Jacobs opinion'(As to the interpretation). It was not until the Jewish scholar of the 20th century, Rabbi S. H. Glick, that this entire book (The one element of the composition, which was the entire Aggadah of the Talmud) was translated into English. Hence the book still retains the original name 'Ein Yaakov'.

5 volumes with the Hebrew opposite the English translation, each volume contains over 200 pages. Not a common set to find. En Jacob Agada (Aggadah) of The Entire Babylonian Talmud by Rabbi Jacob Ibn Chabib. Translation of all the Aggadah 's in the whole of the Talmud. Revised and Translated into English by Rabbi S. H. Glick. A good copy to study from. Printed from 1916-1921.
The Aggadah are those sections of the Talmud focusing on the stories, legends and interactions between the Pharisees themselves and their sages as a community and between them and the Political authorities of the time.
Whether it was between the Romans, Greeks, or Persians. It is also those parts which deal with the Rabbis exegesis of scripture.
These are fascinating revelations as they transpire between the years 100 B.C. and 400 A.D. which clarifies many facts about an era when information is very scanty. It also may have insinuations about Jesus.
Legends Of The Talmud.

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