Bet (Beis) Eked Seforim Bibliographical Bibliography Hebrew Books Printing 1474+

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I would recommend this set for librarians, teachers, or anyone organizing or pricing a collection of books for auction. And of course for the private collector and book lover who does not want to be left out in the dark regarding the nature of what they own or are about to own!

This is an indispensable guide for all Hebrew books, especially useful for ones which lack identification markings or which are missing the title page and to identify conclusive first editions as well. The amount of information in these books is astounding. It covers a very wide range, from the most common like the Talmud or Bible with all its editions, revisions and printings (Including both Jewish and Gentile printing houses) to the obscure book with minimal numbers. From the ultra-religious books expounding on the Jewish canon and its Halachic minutia, to the modern, scientific or enlightenment writers. From adult to fiction, to children's books and Haggadah's. Nothing that was written with Hebrew characters were disqualified by the author Friedberg. Each entry indicates the full authors name with a short description of what the work is about and then he sets out to delineate the list of editions and printings, the years it was printed and the idiosyncrasies of each print, the total number of pages, the features or commentaries added to the edition and what makes it different from the previous editions, the place of publication and it's size ( Folio, Quarto, Octavo etc.)  The last volume has 2 very important indexes, one in alphabetical order according to subject matter (And within each subject is the alphabetized list of works)  the other alphabetized according to author's name. Between the two you can narrow down the location of any book with very little information. Extremely important and helpful work for anyone with an interest in books.

Taken from the title page.
'Bibliographical Lexicon of all the Hebrew and Jewish German Literature Inclusive
of Arab Greek French-Provencal
Spanish-Portuguese  Latin Italian Persian Samaritan and Tartarian Works
In the years 1474-1950 in Hebrew letters together with a register of the authors and an index.
בית עקד ספרים


4 Volume nice set. Written in Hebrew nice condition. All pages bright no writing inside books.

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