Alexander Harkavy Twenty Four Books Of The Holy Scriptures English Translation

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Description: Great translation of the entire old Testament, based on the King James version but with important emendations
from this world famous scholar of Hebrew and linguist. Alexander Harkavy (Yiddish: אַלכּסנדר האַרקאַווי‎‎, Russian: Александр Гаркави, Aleksandr Garkavi; May 5, 1863 at Nowogrudok (Yiddish: נאַוואַרעדאָק‎‎), Minsk guberniya (governorate), Russian Empire (now Navahrudak, Hrodna Voblast, Belarus) - 1939 in New York City) He was a Russian-born American writer, lexicographer and linguist. He was educated privately, and at an early age evinced a predilection for philology. In 1879 he went to Vilna, where he worked in the printing-office of the Romm Brothers. Famous Hebrew printing house, where his talents as an expert in languages, especially Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian & English were put into good use. This set features the Hebrew opposite the English translation.

Condition: Both these volumes are in excellent condition, still has the enjoyable gilt tipped pages on all 3 sides. Absolutely no writing, inscription or any notes in these volumes, close to 'Like-New'. Nice covers, nice white pages.

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