5V Set Sefer Ikkarim Joseph Albo Isaac Husik Translation Into English Philosophy

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5 Volumes in excellent condition, this set will be appreciated by the person who wants the highest quality possible. This is the definitive translation of Rabbi Joseph Albo's (1380-1444) Book of Principles. Translation rendered by Isaac Husik Ph.D.

Detailed Condition Report:
In virtually the nicest possible condition you will be able to find these rare volumes in. All pages are clean, no writing, no smudge marks, no library cards, no Ex-Libris or inscriptions. Covers are in excellent condition, very clean and crisp, with vibrant color. Bindings are tight, with the covers all adhering nicely. The spine has sunning which is typical. Purple silk place holders in excellent condition and do not look like they have ever been withdrawn since the printing year (1946). This set does not look like it has been used much if at all. Gold gilded page tops. The only remark would be that there is slight fraying and rips to tops of spine covers, of which I have shown a zoomed-in picture for clarity.

This is the definitive translation of Rabbi Joseph Albo's (1380-1444) Book of Principles. Translation rendered by Isaac Husik Ph.D.

Joseph Albo (Hebrew: יוסף אלבו‎; ca. 1380–1444) was a Jewish philosopher and rabbi who lived in Spain during the fifteenth century, known chiefly as the author of Sefer ha-Ikkarim ("Book of Principles"), the classic work on the fundamentals of Judaism.Albo's birthplace is generally assumed to be Monreal del Campo, a town in Aragon. This is based on Astruc ha-Levi's report of the religious debate held at Tortosa in 1413-14, which mentions Albo as one of the Jewish participants and notes he was the delegate of the congregation of Monreal. However, the Latin account of this debate makes no reference to this locality. Heinrich Graetz believes that Albo could not have been less than thirty years of age when he was sent to take part in the disputation, and he accordingly places the date of Albo's birth not later than 1380. His date of death is given variously as 1444 (most likely) or 1430. He is mentioned, however, as preaching at Soria in 1433. The use Albo makes of medical illustrations creates the presumption that he was adept in medical science, which suggests that he may have practiced medicine. He was versed to some degree in the writings of Arab Aristotelians. His teacher was Hasdai Crescas, author of Or Adonai. IkkarimThe Ikkarim was not composed in its entirety at once. The first part was published as an independent work. It develops the gist of Albo's thought; and it was only when its publication brought down upon him a deluge of criticism that he felt compelled to add to it. In his preface to the second part Albo delivers a sermon on the subject of his critics: "He that would criticize a book should, above all, know the method employed by its author, and should judge all the passages on a certain subject as a whole." He castigates what he saw as the careless procedure of those passed judgment on an author without remembering this fundamental requirement of sound criticism. Albo's opponents did not handle him delicately. He was accused, among other things, of plagiarism. It was maintained that he appropriated the thoughts of his teacher Crescas without giving him due credit. Examination of the evidence, however, does not substantiate the indictment. Crescas having been Albo's teacher, the similarities are only such as might be reasonably expected in the writings of both preceptor and disciple.

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