The Mishnah and The Talmud In English

In this section you will find all the different translations especially into English, of the Mishnah and the Talmud or one or the other and its commentaries.

The Mishna is the compilation of the legal code of the 1st century Jewish Pharisees (The group of Jews mentioned in the New Testament, who challenged Jesus). The Mishna is a fascinating collection of convention, law, lore and spiritual aspirations of the Jewish classical era. Much can be gleaned as far as the general environment of the time, as there is much cross-over to Classical Greece and Rome. As far as politics, philosophy, law and the general way of life and behavior. There are many references to the outside world, and this is becoming the newest frontier for the study of that period. The Talmud or the Gemara is the 3rd 5th century massive trove of in depth analysis of the Mishnah with extensive reasoning and thorough discussions, plus many stories and legends interwoven (Called the Aggadah or Aggada). I have as well, sets or books that focus solely on translating into English just those fascinating parts of the Talmud.

There were 2 separate Talmud's created. The conventional and lengthier one is called the Babylonian Talmud more or less developing into its final form in the 6th century. The other one called the Jerusalem Talmud was developed in Israel by another set of editors in the 3rd century. There are references one to the other because there was communication and travel between Babylonia and Israel (The 2 main religious Jewish settlements) at that time.