Pentateuch Samson Raphael Hirsch English Bible Jewish Commentary 6v Best Cond.

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Description: This is the smallest set for these books. 6 Volume set Pentateuch with the legendary commentary of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, 19th century German Rabbi and linguist. This set includes the entire Old Testament Bible with the original Hebrew and English side by side and then the commentary under the solid black demarcation line in English. It is the most reliable translation of the original German, rendered by Isaac Levy, retaining the original intent of the author. This set includes the following books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus 1, Leviticus 2, Numbers, Deuteronomy. Leviticus is traditionally considered one volume, however it has been split in this series. These books were printed from 1961-1963.

 It is fairly difficult to find good quality volumes.  All 6 volumes of this set are in great, clean condition. You will not find this set in such fine condition. Absolutely no writing, inscriptions, underlining of text or other distractions. Nice covers and binding. blue color on the page edges are bright and sharp. Pages are white and bright. This probably should be considered in 'Like New' condition. A few minor cover imperfections.

Samson Raphael Hirsch (June 20, 1808 – December 31, 1888) was a German rabbi best known as the intellectual founder of modernity within Judaism and Scientific and Historical study of Judaism coupled with the desire to maintain what is possible of the Traditional sources, within a modern cultured German society. Occasionally termed neo-Orthodoxy, his philosophy, together with that of Azriel Hildesheimer, has had a considerable influence on the development of the Orthodox Judaism in 19th century Germany. Hirsch was rabbi in Oldenburg, Emden, and was subsequently appointed chief rabbi of Moravia. From 1851 until his death, Hirsch led the secessionist Orthodox community in Frankfurt am Main. He wrote a number of influential books, and for a number of years published the monthly journal Jeschurun, in which he outlined his philosophy of Judaism. He was a vocal opponent of early Reform Judaism, feeling they went too far. His originality and creativity shines in his etymological treatment of the Hebrew language. Most of this work is contained in his Torah commentary, where he analyses and compares the three-letter root forms of a large number of Hebrew words and develops an etymological system of the Hebrew language. This approach is based on the idea that letters that share a phonetic similarity, have similar meaning. For example, the words Zohar (light), Tzohar (translucent window), and Tahor (purity) are related words because the letters Zayin, Tzadie, and Tet are phonetically similar. This is an approach used in many places by the renowned biblical commentator Rashi as well. Although this effort was, in his own words, "totally unscientific", it has led to the recent publication of an "etymological dictionary of the Hebrew language". Although Hirsch does not mention his influences (apart from traditional Jewish sources), later authors have identified ideas from the Kuzari (Yehuda Halevi), Nahmanides and the Maharal of Prague in his works. Nevertheless, most of his ideas are original.

This Rabbi has had an influence on maintaining the now much smaller Traditional-Orthodox Judaism that remains in its original non-extreme form. This movement is diametrically opposed to the radical Quasi-Ultra-Orthodox, Ultra-Orthodox, and Hasidic strains, prevalent today, of whom all are entirely new movements to Judaism. All three developed after World War II. An outgrowth of the reaction to the Jewish Holocaust and its disastrous effects it has had on the Jewish world. Due to the centuries of hardship culminating in this most recent trauma. It is arguable if the original Traditional-Orthodox would have survived at all without him.

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