Hagada Na Pesach Polish Guens Spitzer Schlesinger Austria 1930 Transl. Haggadah

  • $700.00

Extremely rare Polish translation of the widely acclaimed Schlesinger Guens Haggadah from 1930.
Superb condition, binding is tight, nearly as it was new, just has end paper gapping due to age.
Virtually no marks in the interior, very clean and clear pages throughout. Absolutely no writing
or inscriptions or anything extraneous from previous owner. Appears to have been stored properly
as a keepsake, but not used often at all.
All pages are as new as possible for this paper and considering it being from 1930,
page corners are needle sharp except just one page has a minor creased corner, 64 pages plus a couple end pages
at each end. Colors are beautiful and vibrant in all the illustrations.
This is a very rare Haggadah and especially so in this condition.
Board designs are complete, however there is some spotting close to some edges.
Usual fraying at ends of spine, corners and the like.

Just quoting from the first title pages, for the Polish speaking collector:
Objasnili: Dr Filip Schlesinger i Jozef Guns
Na jezyk polski przetozyt Dyr. Salomon Spitzer
Z licznemi kolorowemi ilustracjami i z dodatkiem muzykalnym
Wieden 1930 Jos. Schlesinger
Over page:
Naktad Wieden

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